"If this is the future of retail- relaxed, light-hearted, multi-sensory, one-on-one service, personalised products... I look forward to it. I hope brands were taking notes!" Fleur Britten, Senior Commissioning Editor, Sunday Times Style


 Exploring the relationship between online and offline in the future of retail

CAMPAIGN collaborated with trend forecasting agency The Future Laboratory to produce ‘Sweet Shoppe’ - an installation which explored the retail landscape of tomorrow. Behind a magic door, retail aficionados found a hyper-real, personalised, technology-enabled installation that let them see, smell, touch and taste the future. 

CAMPAIGN created the concept, branding and worked with the constraints of the existing spaces at The Future Laboratory’s 18th-century Spitalfields headquarters to create a series of magical and transformative environments designed to heighten the senses, create anticipation, encourage focus and allow for engagement.