"A truly wonderful experience"


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The sweet shoppe

Campaign collaborated with trend forecasting agency The Future Laboratory on ‘Sweet Shoppe’ - an installation which explored the retail landscape of tomorrow. The shop opened for the London Design Festival 2011 as was an invite-only event. We invited a wide selection of retail professionals to the historic heart of Spitalfields to experience the future of retail at Sweet Shoppe.

Behind a magic door they found a hyper-real, personalised, technology-enabled installation that let them see, smell, touch and taste the future. The Sweet Shoppe experimented with our online and instore shopping habits.

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Disorientation space

Location: London

Year: 2011

Brief: Self-initiated exploration with the Future Laboratory into the relationship between online and offline for the future of retail.

  1. Digital retail landscape of tomorrow
  2. Integration of online & in-store
  3. Consumer experience
  4. Future trends


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"If this is the future of retail - relaxed, light-hearted, multi-sensory, one-on-one service, personalised products – i look forward to it. I hope brands were taking notes”

Fleur britten, senior commissioning editor - sunday times style