As footfall in-store is declining and experience economy is growing, for a brand to stay relevant it needs to engage with customers through experiences. To achieve this, brands stage meaningful events which go beyond singular experiences; they concentrate on transforming the lives of their customers through the environments they create. We believe there are 5 components to experiential retail design which help brands create transformative experiences for their customers with 'lifestyle transformation' being the key overreaching element.


Playable store

Introducing the 'playable store' gives the customer a tailored space to play with the product, enabling them to experience how they would feel or look owning it. It places emphasis on the 'tipping point' of the customer journey - our label for the moment when the customer decides the product is for them and buys it.  This key moment is the most overlooked part of the customer journey.

Most physical stores are stacked with product similar to an online catalogue of endless scrolling.  'Playable stores' is key to giving physical space the main advantage over online retail.


Shareable spaces

While an increasing number of customers use social media and peer-to-peer recommendation while shopping, not many brands are benefiting from the trend. Through designing beautiful, 'shareable spaces' we inspire people to capture images and share them with their friends.


Enhanced service 

Customer loyalty is directly connected to customer service. Today, a personalised level of customer service can only be found in ‘local’ boutiques, or a Saville row tailor. The question is how can this level of premium service be delivered to the mainstream? Through technology we can empower the sales associate to ‘know’ the customer in front of them, bringing customer service back to an individual level.


Frictionless journey  

Spatial design and the use of existing technology minimises 'pain points' of the customer journey, allowing customers to concentrate on meaningful, impactful experiences.